Home Refinance

Helpful steps in refinancing your home.

What to Know about Refinancing

Step by step - refinancing your home loan

Let us help you make the refinance process easier.

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Set your goal. What is the purpose of your refinance? Do you plan to shorten your term, lower your interest, or get cash out?

Find out your home's current value. Check for recent sales of homes in your neighborhood like yours to see what your possible value is. An appraisal will be run to verify actual value.

Find out your credit rating. We will run a credit check for you, to see what kind of rate you are eligible for. The better the score, the better the rate.

Let us find your best mortgage rate. There are many items that affect a mortgage interest rate, including credit scores, loan type, length of loan, etc. Let us help you find the best program and rate.

Get a list of all of your loan costs. Home loans have many types of fees: your loan officer (LO) will help you understand the fees.

Gather the necessary paperwork. Your loan officer and loan processor will help you know what paperwork is needed and how to upload it digitally, quickly and efficiently.

Lock your rate. When to lock your lock is very important. Let your LO and processor guide you on a recommended time to lock.

Have necessary funds for any necessary expenses.  Sometimes property taxes and insurance, closing costs and other expenses must be paid for at closing, so be sure to set aside enough to cover them.