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What is a House in Order ?

How Can City First Mortgage Help?

Our exclusive FREE House in Order Analysis helps you understand your financial options, what areas need help, and how to get that help. Our goal is to help you get your house in order.

View these six areas and see if your house is in order. If not, submit the form and we will review your situation and point you in the right direction.

Is Your Financial House in Order?

  1. Amount of Cash Reserves *
  2. Funds for major events/acquisitions **
  3. Estate Planning in Place ***
  4. Adequate Insurance (Home, Auto, Life,?) ****
  5. Retirement Funds *****
  6. Retirement Tools in Place******

* Cash Reserves: One month cash reserves would cover all of your monthly expenses, including payments and other items paid out in a one month period. Six months in savings, cds, and other easily accessible funds is recommended.
** Events/Acquisitions: Upcoming major events/large purchases should be planned for and are in addition to cash reserves. A Cash-out refinance could help fund them.
*** Estate Planning: Don't leave your family in a bind. A professionally done and updated will or trust should be in place.
**** Insurance: Homeowners and auto owners should be adequately covered by insurance. Term and/or whole life insurance can instill peace of mind and protect your family. Disability and Long Term care can also bring peace of mind and security in case of injury or illness.
***** Retirement: 80% of the population will not have adequate retirement income. Planning is essential and we can help.
****** Financial Tools: You should be using an advisor and a tool that comprehensively tracks all financial info and does the following:

1. Live tracking system:
1. All savings/investment accounts
2. All checking/debit accounts
3. All credit cards
2. Vault
1. Scanned in repository of all personal/family:
a. Financial
b. Legal documents
2. Automatically provides alerts and reminders